The Information 

on the Nautical Charts and  Publications 

 For the Safety of Navigation, Japan Coast Guard publishes Nautical Charts and publications.

  Because Japan is an island nation, a large part of its international trade as well as domestic transport which supports

 nations energy, food, and economy, are relied on the shipping.



   In order to facilitate safety and efficiency of navigation, we issue various information in various ways, such as nautical charts,

 sailing directions and nautical almanacs. For the dissemination of updated information and urgent information, Notices to Mariners

 and navigational warnings are also issued.


The information on nautical charts and publications is outlined as follows
Nautical Charts Miscellaneous Charts Nautical Publications Basic Maps of the Sea


The information of Chart Symbol
Some Chart Symbol are changed to New Symbols


Nautical charts and Hydrographic publications can be purchased at the following agents
The list of Agents for the sale of the Nautical Charts and Publications ( The address is "JAH" HP )


These tables below show the lists of publications which will be issued soon and have been released for the past year.
Publishing Schedule