Date : Date of observation in UTC.
Time : Observation time in UTC. The observations expressed in the unit of 0.1sec are those made visually and the observations expressed in the unit of 0.01sec are those made photo electrically.
Age : Moon's age.
Mag : Magnitude of star.
Star : Star name. The following abbreviations are used.
S : the SAO Catalogue,
R : the Robertson Zodiacal Catalogue(Z.C.),
X : USNO XZ star catalogue,
D : the Durchmusterung catalogues(DM),
A : the AGK3 catalogue,
P : Pleiades catalogue,
K : USNO Kcatalogue,
L : USNO L catalogue,
G : the guide star catalogue.
PH : First character shows the phenomenon.
D : disappearance,
R : reappearance,
F : flase,
B : blink.
Second character shows the lunar limb.
D : dark limb event,
B : bright limb event,
G : grazing event,
U : event during an eclipse of the Moon.
STN : Station code.
TEL : Telescope code.
OBS : Observer code.
REC : Recorder code.
O-C : O-C of Sigma,limb correction already made.
HW : Height of the lunar limb read form Watts'charts.
The reading accuracy in within 0".05 except for the following two cases:
a.Interpolation is doubtful due to some patterns of the charts.(Maximum error is within 0".2.)
b.Extrapolation is needed. There are cases where the extrapolation error may exceed 0".5.
*is attached to the tabular value when the estimated error is more than 0".3.
K-R : Position angle of the event,referred to the direction of the Moon's motion.
K : Position angle of the star measured counterclockwise from north at the Moon's center on the celestial sphere,as seen from the observer.
X : USNO XZ star catalogue,
P : Pleiades catalogue,
K : USNO K catalogue,
X : USNO L catalogue.
SAO : the SAO catalogue.
DM : the Durchmusterung catalogues(DM).