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The Sample of ENC

This sample of ENC was made by Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department,JCG. This data will be used for the development of the ENC viewer software and so on.
This Sample has three data sets, two Readme files and one Catalogue file. These files are compressed to two kind of files "zip" and "exe". Both two files have same contents. If you want to get this sample data ,you can get it after you click on the following "Download Sample of ENC" or "ZIP file".

Download Sample of ENC(565,647 byte)
ZIP file(538,455 byte)

Example of displaying Sample data

Navigational purpose(3)
Navigational purpose(4)
Navigational purpose(5)
Navigational purpose 3 Navigational purpose 4 Navigational purpose 5

About the sample data

This Sample data is compressed with the self extracting archive. It is expanded automatically when you double clicks on the icon of this file after the sample data are kept in optional folder. When it is expanded, the folder "Sample_ENC" will be made, and the above kind of data are kept under this folder.
This file doesn't include a viewer software for ENC. It need a software if you want to see ENC on graphic display of your computer. Now, there is a free viewer software for ENC on web site Open ECDIS Forum.