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of Nautical Charts and Publications

    UPDATE 16 Jul. 2021

The lists of Nautical Charts and publications which will be issued soon.

Forthcoming Charts and Publications (PDF)  

The Charts and Publications in these tables below have been already released.

Nautical Charts Published in (PDF)
Electronic Navigational Charts Published in (PDF)
Basic maps of the Sea Published in (PDF)
Miscellaneous Charts Published in (PDF)
Aeronautical Charts Published in (PDF)
Publications Published in (PDF)

The meaning of signs

Number of Column

" INT "
(International Chart)

    Published in accordance with Technical Resolutions

 of the International Hydrographic Organization ( IHO ).

" W "
(WGS-84 Chart)

  The graticules (grid of lines representing latitudes and longitudes) 

are based on the World Geodetic System 84(WGS-84) 

" JP "

  With regards to the English chart number, the letter in the chart numbers

 are replaced by the letters in order to identify  from the published charts in Japanese.

" F "
(Charts for Fishery use)

  The lines of  fisheries agreement of Japan and the Republic of Korea and/or lines of

 fisheries agreement of Japan and the people's republic of China are overprinted.

Scale Column

If number of Scale Column is "2,500,000", the Scale is "1:2,500,000".

Size Column

" Full "
Full size, about 96 * 63cm at the inner neat line .
" 1/2 "
A half of the full size


Price  include consumption tax.    

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