I publish observation scenery and etcetra in this page.

Starlit sky

☆Starlit sky①☆ ☆Starlit sky②☆ ☆Starlit sky③☆
Milky Way and Saturn Milky Way and Jupiter The summer of triangle
☆Starlit sky④☆ ☆Starlit sky⑤☆ ☆Starlit sky⑥☆
We photo bolide Saturn and Jupiter and Milkyway. The north sky at night.
☆Starlit sky⑦☆ ☆Starlit sky⑧☆ ☆Starlit Sky⑨☆
Moon of Chushu in 2020 Moon of Chushu in 2020 Orbits in the north sky
☆Starlit Sky⑩☆ ☆Starlit Sky⑪☆
Moon rise East sky (2021.2.16)



☆SLR①☆ ☆SLR②☆ ☆SLR③☆
Watch SLR far away. Watch SLR behind. Watch SLR front.
☆SLR④☆ ☆SLR⑤☆
Laser and star laser. Laser and part of Taurus.



①North sky(about 7MB)

We continued to take a photo of north sky.Grenn light is laser.

②South-west sky(timelapse)(about 7MB)

In south-west sky on night.You see milkyway at center.

③Sky around Cassiopeia(timelapse)(about 8MB)

We take a photo of sky around cassiopeia.

④SLR(timelapse)(about 3MB)

We continued to take a photo for SLR.