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Realtime tidal data at Hakata

About gauge and tidal data

Latitude: 33°37′N
Longitude: 130°24′E
Datum level: 110cm below mean sea level
Obs. : tide observation by every 5 minutes
Pred.: tide prediction by every 5 minutes
Obs.-Pred. : difference between observation and prediction

Tidal curve【 2021/09/23 】

No observation data.

Hourly prediction

month day 01234 56789 1011121314 1516171819 20212223
0923 18515111073525168981341691952041931631248966627498129161186198
Tidal harmonic constants

Observation data

Record of TidalHeight(cm)
Location          Hakata 
Longitude         130-24 
Latitude          33-37 
TimeZone          -09 00(JST)
TidalHeightDatum  110cm below mean sea level.
a note: 
Broken or No transmit data ---> "9999"
year  date  time   cm

No observation data.