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Survey on the use of Electronic Navigational Chart

 Nowadays, the sales of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) have rapidly increased. On the other hand, the demands for the paper nautical chart have been decreasing dramatically.The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) is preparing for the publication of S-101 ENC, next-generation digital charts, in response to the development of S-101 is being undertaken by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
 As a part of the preparations for the practical use of next-generation digital charts, we conduct online survey targeting at ENC users, which account for a large part of the market, concerning the usage of the ENC including updated status, readiness for the next-generation digital charts.
 Based on the survey result, the JCG will carry on the further examinations to ensure the smooth introduction of the next-generation digital charts, ascertaining ENC is updated appropriately.
 Under the situation that the Digital Transformation (DX) for the maritime industry is accelerating on the world ocean, the JCG will put its effort towards the continuous safety measures ranging from the production of the nautical charts to end users to convey the safety information quickly and efficiently.

What is S101 ENC(PDF)
Online Survey for the better service of ENC and related charts
Go to the page for the survey on the usage of the ENC.

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